The Woolly Bear


we’re just too busy to notice the very little things going on around us. Like a caterpillar preparing to release a chemical into its body that will make it fall asleep until spring. And I think it’s such a testimony to the awesome design of the Creator! If we blink, we just might miss it. Today, N. (my little brother) brought me a woolly bear caterpillar. Now why did he do that?…well. I used to enjoy keeping woolly bear caterpillars every fall as pets. Sadly, because of my terrible skills keeping them alive–most of them met an early demise. How cruel of me, right? But–sorry guys, young kids don’t understand that it’s better to let nature take its course with the wiggly little creatures 🙂 .  So anyway…I used to keep them. They were all named Fuzz.

Fuzz the first, the second, the third…yeah. I was a lame namer! So this particular caterpillar is Fuzz the twentieth (if my memory serves me)–and Fuzz received his freedom. So no worries there. 😉


hold fuzz!.jpg

hold fuzz.jpg




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