30DPC |Day 1| Self Portrait



Because the colder months are likely to be slow–(until the snow shows up 🙂 ) I am going to do a fun 30 Day Photography Challenge, which will be abbreviated on this website as 30DPC. I got the challenge off of Pinterest…figures. 🙂


NOTE (disclaimer): I won’t be doing all of these. I might try all of these, but whether or not I’ll SHOW all of these remains to be seen 🙂


Day 1- Self Portrait



I am glad that there isn’t another self-portrait day until the very end of the challenge. Oh, I hated this. You’d think self-portraits would be easy…but no. They simply aren’t. I tried some outdoor shots but that didn’t go so well. So…I grabbed my ukulele and took a photo with it. I was SO done at this point. Self-portraits really aren’t my thing. Ugh.

And for all my trouble…this is the result. Day two will be better because I will just take a photo of the clothes…NOT on me. No more self portraits, please! 🙂 Okay, rant over. I will not do any more self-portraits for a while.


Any photographers or ‘wanna be’s’ like me? You should do this challenge too! It seems to have some good ideas for photos in it. And I want to see y’all’s self-portraits 🙂 .




2 thoughts on “30DPC |Day 1| Self Portrait

  1. Hey, I just saw this challenge on pinterest not long ago! 😉 I might have to do it sometime…
    Taking pictures of yourself if definitely a lot harder than taking them of other people! Sometimes I wish I could like, morph into two people, and then one of me could pose, and the other would take the picture! 😛


    1. Hehe. That’s funny. 🙂 I never thought of it that way before, but I completely agree! For some reason I am really into challenges right now. I think it must be that it gives me new photography ideas…I’m always looking to try something new. 😉

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