All the Stars

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Finally *triumphant drumroll*…I actually managed to get okay star photos.


Just click on the individual images to see their fuller versions! The very last photo was taken at a random place a few months ago for y’alls comparison. I feel like I am starting to figure out the manual focus as it relates to stars. The bothersome thing is that you can only see a teensy little bit when it’s dark. 🙂 😉 😦



“It’s just another night
And I’m staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you
I sang a lullaby
By the waterside and knew
If you were here,
I’d sing to you
You’re on the other side
As the skyline splits in two
I’m miles away from seeing you
I can see the stars
From America
I wonder, do you see them, too?”

~Ed Sheeran, All the Stars



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