30DPC| Day Fifteen|High Angle

In an effort to both follow advice (that I read in a photography book) and also save my blog from having to go to a paid plan (I am already 50% done with my 3GB picture space and I’ve only been doing this blog less than a year!)– I am cutting my posts shorter. This will probably just mean I will share my five favorite photos from each shoot from now on. Plus, the ‘expert’ said it was better that way… 🙄 . But because this is a challenge post…you only get one!

Day Fifteen- high angle


This is the moment where you look at the colors in the image and give me a look: “You did a LOT of editing on this photo, didn’t you?” and I get to look triumphant and say: “No, actually. My camera has settings I can use in manual mode where I can boost the colors of my photo, including color tone and saturation.” . 😉 I loved that fact as soon as I discovered it. I love the depth of field on this one. This plant is rosemary, btw. It’s already very silvery green. I took this photo whilst standing on a bucket. Well, the challenge is on! Will I remember to be regular with this challenge, or not? That remains to be seen!



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