30DPC|Day 18|Shadow|+DIY

Day 18-Shadow

Aaannnddd…*awkwardly realizes negligence ….

I know. I’m terrible. I’m awful. Not fit for challenges (actually…that’s true šŸ˜› ) .

But here’s day eighteen’s image anyways…


It’s super simple. Here’s it’s unedited twin. šŸ˜€


That’s a literal shadow, right?


What You’ll Need

  • a table
  • a lamp
  • an object
  • your camera
  • a wall


Here’s the setup. I used picture style to get maximum contrast.


I used flash to make the armor ‘shiny’. I don’t like flash much…but used it for this.

I set my camera to manual and underexposed then used flash. It came out okay. I could’ve done better if I would have had someone to hold the lamp. šŸ˜¦

I almost like the setup picture best. šŸ˜€

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