Assignment 2.0 || Back lighting

I’m just going to keep this very simple and show you the experiment pictures. The first picture I’m going to show you is a photo that was supposedly ‘correctly’ exposed–by the meters standards. But it was back lit so it came out closer to a silhouette, which wasn’t what I wanted. 😉

So, what’s the fix? The fix is very simple but will require some experimentation. You have two options. 1) You can overexpose the image. I went to about +1 on my meter and came out with the next image. Just experiment and see what works. This is technically called ‘exposing for the subject’. 😉 2) You can use exposure compensation. Honestly this requires just about the same amount of tweaking and playing around. Just find what works for you! And here’s my image.

It’s not stellar but I can see my subject so much better. BTW if you guys were wondering—these images weren’t really all that edited as I wanted to show you the literal results of this experiment. This next one isn’t edited.


This one is edited with a simple preset which enhances color and that’s about it.


Now these next ones were edited a pinch more. They are blacks and whites and especially the last one (which I did for fun 😛 ) is edited. However the exposure of the first of the last two ( 😆 ) is pretty much unchanged.
So anyway! That is another photography assignment down! 😉 Let me know in the comments if there’s an assignment you want to give me to try. I won’t make promises but I think it would be rather fun 😉 .
Anything you want me to be the guinea pig for? 😆
Have you tackled this yet?
Which of the two methods for dealing with back lighting do you use more or like more?
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