The Beauty of Fall {reprise} +Review


bon retour à mon blog et à une reprise d’un ancien poste Posté en arrière quand je n’avais qu’un point de Canon peu et tirer

Oh, my bad. Right, this is an English blog. You no speak French? {me neither} Let’s try this again…

Welcome back to my blog, and a reprise of an old post posted back when I had only a little Canon point and shoot.

{much more readable, dontcha’ think?}

I will be reviewing my fotodiox macro extension tubes today + test shots and whatnot.

This whole post will feature fall photos but I will save all the macro ones till part B. On to part A, the beauty of fall.




So first off…the beauty of fall {or autumn}. 😀 This post may end up being a bit of a whopper…so if you make it through…congratulations in advance. 😉


















As you might be able to tell…our leaves finally turned. All at once. They’re so gorgeous!


延长管复习 + 测试镜头


Now here’s my thoughts on the fotodiox extension tubes that I bought.



  • Not heavy or cumbersome.
  • Has several sizes of extension, depending on how close you want to get.
  • Isn’t expensive.
  • Smaller than some other extension tube sets.


  • You can’t autofocus the normal way. Rather, you have to move closer to your subject until it’s in focus.
  • You have to be almost perfectly still–or clear focus is very hard to achieve. I usually try to anchor myself as much as possible.




















So, what do y’all think? Look like something you’d buy?

How are your fall leaves turning out?

Anything exciting happening with y’all this fall? 😉





4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Fall {reprise} +Review

  1. Ohhhh your fall pictures are so pretty, Emmaline! I’m so glad the leaves finally turned for you. 😉 The color wasn’t spectacular this year for the most part, but it’s certainly lasting a long time – so far it’s already been two months, and quite a few trees are still green!
    Also, I LOVE your macro photography! Macro photography is one of my very favorite photography genres, so I’m super interested in the lens extensions. I think I shall put the Nikon versions on my Christmas list. 😉 Also I saw in the reviews for the Nikon one that you can or maybe even have to use manual focus. Would that help your problem of having to move to exactly the right spot? Or have you already tried that?
    I loved this post! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Allison! As to the manual focus-y thing…yes! I have used manual focus before but that’s something I forgot to mention in the post 😀 . I also am always forgetting to use the manual focus ring 😉 . Glad you liked it! Your comments make my day.


      1. Okay, hee hee! Aww, I’m so glad – I really do love your posts! ♥

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, 7 and 8 are so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

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