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Hello There!

I’m Emmaline, and I’m glad you stopped by. Here I post my photography endeavors. I have created this site so that I can have a more organized way of posting, as I used to post at my other blog. I have always loved creativity and I suppose that led to my delight in photography. I started on a little point-and-shoot (you can still find some posts from that on this blog!) that my sister lent to me. I didn’t really want to for the longest time though, because I thought I HAD to have an amazing camera first. But I soon discovered that isn’t so. Sure, you might need a nice camera for a business…but when you start out- use whatever you have. You can learn even on a camera that doesn’t let you adjust ISO, aperture, or even shutter speed necessarily. One thing I love (and also hate, too 😉 .) is that you will always be learning- and what looked good a week ago probably won’t look good today. It’s a struggle and easy to be discouraged (especially when you don’t have a nicer camera). But it’s so worth it! As I trudge through this journey I invite you to take it with me.

And now I have a DSLR.

And things have changed, for the better.

And now I am learning to capture beauty in simplicity.

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