Broad Daylight +Extension Tube Review


For some people the idea of shooting in broad daylight is daunting. Portraits especially can be scary. I was one of those people until around…yesterday. 😀


Angles are Everything

When the sun is hot and the light is harsh, a good angle could save the day. I was outside the other day and looking for inspiration. I haven’t done much shooting in broad daylight for the simple reason that it was hot and not overly ideal for portraits. But nature shots actually work fabulously outside even in the heat of the day. It turns out an angle can save a sunlight portrait too.

I took this earlier last year and I still like the way it came out. As you can tell…this was shot in direct sunlight. 

But to continue my tale of revelation I kept walking around and looked for an ideal spot. In our yard we have a side yard which is overgrown. Looks like a veritable jungle. But…I notice something I hadn’t noticed before. In the jungle there are TONS of queen anne’s lace. It is really the best field thingy ever for photography (expect some portraits there sometime).

The sunlight looks amazinger if you increase temperature in your editing platform! 😉


Well…on angles. After messing around extensively and trying to position myself in a way favorable to sun- I had an idea. Why not try to catch the clear blue sky with the queen anne’s lace?

I was unable to resist and I love what happened. ❤


One thing I love about these images is that they fit my tagline to a T (‘Neutrals with a Pop of Color’). Oh, random question? Have you seen my website look for here yet?





Underexposure and Your Light Meter

Another thing that I think is actually neat–is how your light meter is tempted to underexpose your images. This light is so bright, that the meter thinks it needs to help out and compensate for the brightness. So it underexposes. This can be anything from underexposing your subject to underexposing the background. But you can actually twist this annoyance in your favor.

Here my meter was reading proper exposure. But I knew that the background would be dark because I knew the meter would want to help me with the strong light. I think the darkness gives a different feel. 


This picture is interesting because I have the sun at the top left of the frame and a tree which was lit the same at the lower. The meter underexposed by the subject and overexposed at the top. But I like this photo. Once again, I think it created a neat effect and I’m glad as usual that I used my manual mode (that’s what I use 90% of the time unless I use AV or TV).

This picture is similar but more close up than the previous photo. 



Random Pictures from the Shoot













Extension Tube Review

An extension tube pretty much just extends your lens so that you can take closer up pictures. A friend is letting me borrow one and I LOVE IT. I was looking them up and they’re not bad on the price side. Much better than getting an $1000 macro lens (yes, I know the macro lens is better–but my pocket book won’t budge.). So much easier on the wallet.


I think it’s a good idea to purchase one, especially if you can’t get very close up to things. They’re a little bit trickier to navigate than an actual lens but I think it’s worth it on the whole.

Here’s what they look like…

These ones are higher end. I can only afford the slightly less nice ones. However, if you buy them used from ebay you should be able to cut the price sizeably. 

Emmaline Lucille (1).png



Bonus picture: screenshot of chromatic aberrations fix…

color fringing~discoloration~chromatic aberrations.png


Looking @ my Instagram Photography

I am currently on vacation in…Texas! And as a result I will have lots of photos to show you when I officially return to the blog. 😆

But today’s post is to show you some recent photography that I posted on Instagram.


IMG_5398 (2017_04_18 03_06_52 UTC).jpg

Basically I love this photo because it’s very different than your average way photo. I love the blue and the very selective focus.



I just love this photo of Hank. The color, the fact  he was looking at me, and he’s cute.



Despite the fact  that this was taken in broad daylight…i like how the sun flare turned out. I also love the solitary little cloud just chilling between the two trees.



Those are two itty bitty baby frogs. I didn’t like the original color one as much because chromatic aberrations were too present for comfort. But I love the black and white version.



This was the first time I’d ever used my silver reflector. It was a nice first for me.



I love her eyes and the overcast lighting.






I have been using f/1.8 more often than any aperture. But on this occasion I used f/4.0 (I think???😂😊). It was fun for a change and I think it came out nicely.

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Aliquotiens Adventure #3.

Sometimes the ‘adventure’ is right on your property.

Sometimes you’ll have to walk a ways.

Sometimes you won’t have to.

Today was one of those ‘won’t have to’ days. There was a lovely puddle, and the green grass was wet and crisp- instead of soggy. 😀 And I was barefoot. Now, I wasn’t born a country-girl. But maybe we can say I’m adopted? The city isn’t for me.

We have a huge puddle in our gravel driveway.
Not edited
And that cardinal inside it’s complementary color!
I love this one!
And the hydrangea plant I keep on taking pictures of.
And some underexposed daffodils. It WAS raining. 
Raindrops! Well not drops exactly…


p.s. I try not to use my big zoom lens (300mm) too often because the pictures seem to be less high quality than when I use my 50mm. But all of these were 300mm except the water drops. Wouldn’t want to disturb God’s creation! 😛

This was taken with my 50mm too. See the difference? This is unedited. 
And here’s my lil sis with a toad…unedited. 

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Beautiful Inside

Hey guys,
Because I am in a rush I am re-blogging this post that I just posted on Beauty In Simplicity. The post explains the ‘story’ behind the portrait.

Beauty in simplicity


“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

~1 Peter 3:3-4

I found out just yesterday that my office’s light isn’t awful, after all! I was so pleased. I had my model hold a white dry erase board so that the light from the room would reflect. All that was left was to set a custom white balance and get my exposure correct. I am pleased with the result, though it is far from perfect.

“I walk this road alone And always, I wish that you could see. That I am afraid of being who I am. I don’t want to disappoint you.

It’s clear now we can…

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Moon Photography

I have today a somewhat dramatic ‘before’ ‘after’ thing for y’all to see. I went out tonight and took some photos of the moon. First, I tried using my own (faint) knowledge of manual mode, and this is what came out:

And this photo looked a LOT worse before I edited it…and it’s still overexposed!

Then I decided it was too much for me to attempt what I had no clue about. So…I did some research and found this handy little canon discussion form on moon photography.

And after applying what I read…

…this is the result!

I was SO pleased with this photo. I couldn’t believe with just a little tweaking of the settings I had such a different result. And the best part? I was able to use ISO 100! Yay!

What do you think of all this?