Preteen Portrait Session

Hey guys! I have decided to try something out that a fellow blogger recommended I try for no storage. And if I do it right...maybe I won't have to stop posting here after all! Basically if I understand this right--I post the pictures I want here on a random blog of mine and then copy …

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The Fourth of July

On the fourth of July...our family generally goes to a party for our church held at a friend's house. I Β don't know about you...but for me the 4th isn't the 4th. WHATT?? πŸ˜† have fireworks, that is πŸ˜€ . I have a lot of memories from previous 4th of July's. One (not-so-great) memory that …

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Vacation Photography, Part 2.

Here's part two! We got to visit our dear childhood friends again on this day. I didn't take many pictures that I liked here (because talking sometimes is more important than taking pictures πŸ˜€ ). And they had just gotten some chicks and baby ducklings. They were so cute! I photographed the ducklings. And then …

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