Broad Daylight +Extension Tube Review

For some people the idea of shooting in broad daylight is daunting. Portraits especially can be scary. I was one of those people until around...yesterday. 😀   Angles are Everything When the sun is hot and the light is harsh, a good angle could save the day. I was outside the other day and looking …

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Vacation Photography, Part 4. {Finale!}

Here we are! For the final post in this short series. This might end up being the longest...but I don't know for sure. We were visiting some friends...this post has water, miniature ponies, azaleas, and swinging. Plus some more randomness. Going home I shot pictures from the windows. That's a wrap, folks. I hope you enjoyed …

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Day, Twilight, Golden Hour, Sunset, & Night~

Today I am sharing some of my recentest photography from five stages of a day. Day, Golden Hour (2nd), Twilight, Sunset, and Night. I am excited to be finally doing a 'stages of the day' post. So here we go. p.s. This isn't the kind of post I can keep to my 'just 5 pictures' …

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