Vacation Photography, Part 2.

Here’s part two!

We got to visit our dear childhood friends again on this day. I didn’t take many pictures that I liked here (because talking sometimes is more important than taking pictures 😀 ).

They had a hanging planter with these pretty pink flowers. 

And they had just gotten some chicks and baby ducklings. They were so cute! I photographed the ducklings.


In this one it looks like the left one is laughing! I desaturated this one for a more subdued look. The green was more overwhelming in the original.

And then I took a nice rule-of-thirds photo of their fence.

I love the f/1.8 selective focus of this one.

Then we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house and I went for a moody photography feel. Pretty much all black and white. 😉



And I know this is nothing like my normal shallow depth photos. I guess I’m trying to expand my horizons. 
I love brick walls! #colornexttime


My sweet little sis and our cousin, Emmett. 

And then some pine cones for a rustic look.


And closer up.

And then I almost missed this special cousin-bonding moment. My brother and cousin Steven were playing by the playground. So I snuck up and framed them with a bush 😀 .


And this is my Aunt and Uncle’s chihuahua–Chica. I like her a lot. She’s actually a nice dog.

I used a filter that’s in the manual mode #manualisthebest . 

And that’s it for part two!

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p.s–Don’t forget to join me next time for part three! 😀

Rain or Shine?

“Some people are never content with their lot, let what will happen. Clouds and darkness are over their heads, alike whether it rain or shine. To them every incident is an accident, and every accident a calamity.”

~Charles Spurgeon
No, I haven’t posted for a few days anything photography related. But- here I am with another post! I have decided to call it Rain or Shine? because the past few days had been fairly rainy. Until the day before yesterday, that is. The rain pictures are from different days.






My little sister got an adorable pink plaid driver’s cap and I thought it’d be cute to take a photo of her in it. And I was so happy when the rain cleared up!img_3192

The next two pictures were gotten because my grandparents’ car has a blue tint to it. So the first picture shows the blue tint, and the second emphasizes it in monochrome (black and white).


Purple Evening Lighting

At around four PM today we has some really weird lighting outdoors. It was almost a pinkish gray color.

I thought it would be a fun thing to frame the trees in the windmill. 
This is the windmill (or the guillotine if you’re a regular on the Misty Mountain) and it was obviously already dark in this photo 🙂 . 
This picture just shows the pinkish (is it actually purpleish?) lighting a little more. 
I am not in love with this photo or anything but it does show the lighting pretty well. 

And because this is a short and boring post…I will just add in some recent photos I took at around 10:00 PM a few nights ago of the Christmas tree light reflections.




What are y’all’s plans for this Christmas?



30DPC| Day Three| Landscape

Day Three- Landscape


PB140041 (1).jpg


You’ll notice the blurriness of the photo. That drives me crazy. But I wanted something a little different so I messed with the night time settings on my camera, and this is what came up. I wanted the white wall in the landscape–and so I angled it in.

Day three, done.