“Fall, is that you?” //Golden Hour

Hello! I was attending a baby shower last weekend when the golden hour hit. I walked outside around our friend's property and saw a single leaf that started this photo shoot. A red leaf. And my immediate thought was "Fall, is that you?" .                       …

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Vacation Photography, Part 2.

Here's part two! We got to visit our dear childhood friends again on this day. I didn't take many pictures that I liked here (because talking sometimes is more important than taking pictures 😀 ). And they had just gotten some chicks and baby ducklings. They were so cute! I photographed the ducklings. And then …

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Vacation Photography, Part 1.

Hello, friends! First off, I have not permanently vanished. I am still alive and kicking/breathing. But I have a mountain of vacation photos to share. Today is part one of the vacation pictures. All of this is photography stuff…lifestyle is always on the Misty Mountain (except for right now as I’m on break there due …

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