Assignment 1.0 // Silhouettes

Hello! Today begins a new series called Assignments which will progress with versions. Today is 1.0, the next time will be 2.0. 😆 So let's jump right in! Basically, my online video course instructor summarized by saying to place subject between the key light source and your camera and allow au naturale to take effect! So …

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Broad Daylight +Extension Tube Review

For some people the idea of shooting in broad daylight is daunting. Portraits especially can be scary. I was one of those people until around...yesterday. 😀   Angles are Everything When the sun is hot and the light is harsh, a good angle could save the day. I was outside the other day and looking …

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Vacation Photography, Part 2.

Here's part two! We got to visit our dear childhood friends again on this day. I didn't take many pictures that I liked here (because talking sometimes is more important than taking pictures 😀 ). And they had just gotten some chicks and baby ducklings. They were so cute! I photographed the ducklings. And then …

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