I Was Doing it Wrong!

So...this post is making me blush (😊) just a little. Because what I was doing wrong...should have been pretty obvious. Confused? You should be. In Texas this week I learned two lovely things that will stick with me always.   1. I WAS FOCUSING WRONG. I literally have been having the hardest time getting my …

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Vacation Photography, Part 4. {Finale!}

Here we are! For the final post in this short series. This might end up being the longest...but I don't know for sure. We were visiting some friends...this post has water, miniature ponies,Β azaleas, and swinging. Plus some more randomness. Going home I shot pictures from the windows. That's a wrap, folks. I hope you enjoyed …

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Vacation Photography, Part 1.

Hello, friends! First off, I have not permanently vanished. I am still alive and kicking/breathing. But I have a mountain of vacation photos to share. Today is part one of the vacation pictures. All of this is photography stuff…lifestyle is always on the Misty Mountain (except for right now as I’m on break there due …

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