Assignment 2.0 | Back lighting

I'm just going to keep this very simple and show you the experiment pictures. The first picture I'm going to show you is a photo that was supposedly 'correctly' exposed--by the meters standards. But it was back lit so it came out closer to a silhouette, which wasn't what I wanted. 😉 So, what's the …

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Assignment 1.0 // Silhouettes

Hello! Today begins a new series called Assignments which will progress with versions. Today is 1.0, the next time will be 2.0. 😆 So let's jump right in! Basically, my online video course instructor summarized by saying to place subject between the key light source and your camera and allow au naturale to take effect! So …

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Announcing…Lightroom! {+Images & Watermark}

Hello friends! Here I am for another post. I have decided to see how long my 92.3% of GB space will hold out by sharing some images on this blog today. 😆 But first... .... ... .... ... .... ... announcing.... ... .... ... .... ... .... ...Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! Basically I bought my prized …

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